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Whom should be taught | Child Abuse

Children are the gift from the lord; they are a reward from him. ‘’Children’s children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children.’’ Each and every religion says to protect and love the children as the reflection of the god. A long time ago most of children were brought up with a join family as: grandparents, uncles, aunties, brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews, etc. They all spent their quality time together, so it helps to develop the bond between them. If anyone in the family
have any problem the elderly people will easily identify it by seeing their face, and it’ll be solved.

But in this fast moving modern world we are not even having time to see our parents face for a while. All of us our busy with our own work we are not ready to take care of our own self too. In this time
children and teenagers distract their attention on phones, television, and other technology equipment. Moreover, children are like wet cement and whatever falls on them makes an impression. So there are many dangers for the children in this era, among these all Child abuse is the important one, which is
facing by each and every child once in their life time.

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There are four type of child abuse: Physical abuse, Sexual abuse, Neglect, Emotional abuse. Among these four physical abuse and sexual abuse are the most happening thing in the world. These two are happening for the both genders, but girls are the one who are getting more hurt by these abuses. Child abuse is, which an adult or order adolescent uses a child for sexual stimulation. Most of the children abuse by their family members, this is a form of incest and can result in more serious and long-term
psychological trauma, especially in the case of parental incest.

The global prevalence of child sexual abuse has been estimated at 19.7% for females. Most sexual abuse offenders are acquainted with their victims; approximately 30% are relatives of the child, most often brothers, fathers, uncles, or cousins; around 60% are other acquaintances, such as “friends” of the family, babysitters, or neighbors; strangers are the offenders in approximately 10% of child sexual abuse cases. Most child sexual abuse is committed by men; studies on female child molesters show that
women commit 14% to 40% of offenses reported against.

According to these percentages I think the boys should be ashamed. Because we are living in a society, that if a girl got raped we blame about her dress and her attitude. After the incident we teach our daughter to be careful, but what about a child and her dress? In daily news we are hearing about a rape in all over the world, that was not based in the poor country our developed country. “On February 2020 a 4 months’ baby girl from India Lucknow dies after being raped by her 30 years old cousin, On June 2020 an 8-year-old girl from India Chennai was sexually assaulted by 4 men and 2 minor boys, On July 2020 a 7-year-old girl Jayapriya from Tamilnadu raped and killed by 3 men.’’ 53% of children in India face these children abuse in their life time.

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Meanwhile when speaking about rape and abuses in Sri Lanka, women and children are well respected in our country, even though there are some 142 incidents of rape, 42 of serious sexual abuse and 54 of child abuse have been reported from various police divisions in the country during the first 15 days of 2020. Most of the cases of rape, serious sexual abuse and child abuse were reported from the Batticaloa police divisions while 44 cases of rape, eight cases serious sexual abuse and 17 cases of child abuse were reported from this police division during the first 15 days of this year. Meanwhile, according to the statistics tabled by the Chief Government Whip, 11,998 incidents of rape, 4,806 of serious sexual abuse and 5,891 of child abuse were reported from 2012 to 2020.

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If a child or a woman got raped, that was not her fault. If you blame the rape victim because her clothes were provocative, you should also blame the bank that was robbed because it’s content were provocative. Touching a girl without her consent doesn’t makes you a man, it makes you a coward. Everyone’s afraid that their daughter might be hurt, but no one seems to be scared that their sons might be the ones to do it. The god created man stronger than woman to protect her, not to abuse her. But mind it guys any men cannot handle the pain of a women in her pregnancy time.

The parents who brought up with sons please educate your child to protect a girl as his sister or friend. We live in a Society that teaches women ‘’DON’T GET RAPED’’ instead of teaching men ‘’NOT TO RAPE’’. Rape is not a fault of a victim; it is a fault of a rapists. In most of the area, they are afraid to explain about the abuses that happened for them in their past or in present, but keeping sexual abuses a secret won’t make it stop. Sweeping it under the rug won’t keep us safe. We have to talk about it. In my view of point child abuse and sexual abuse are happening, because of the misbehavior of boys. If a boy brought up with a good manner, we can protect are girls and reduce this abuses from our society.


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