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Problems and misfortunes are a part of human life. Everyone has to deal with unsatisfactory events and may be temporarily sadden.

It is only natural for people to temporarily blame themselves, feel sad or empty at the expense of life. Those feelings can be avoided after a while. But in the case of depression, the above symptoms are severe and last for a long time.

Such negative thoughts can interfere with his / her job, family life or learning. Also, depression can change not only a person’s thinking but also their physical activity. Here are some of them.

  • Thinking / Feeling like you are helpless, without any future or worthless.
  • Sleep less than or more appropriately.
  • Difficulty in making decisions or focusing on something.
  • Lack of interest in everyday work.
  • Lack of interest in sex life
  • Trying to distance yourself from others.
  • The lasting sadness that is so intense.
  • Thinking that he is wrong for no reason or for very little.
  • Feeling very tired or feeling her own strength.
  • Frequently Thinking About Death.

How long does depression last?

The depression may last six months – one year or more. But with proper medical attention, these symptoms can be cured in less time.

After treatment, can relapse occur?

Although this condition is curable, up to 30% may develop relapse. Therefore, treatment should not be stopped without talking to your doctor.

How is depression treated?

Depression is often considered a curable disease. Treatments for depression include medications or psychotherapy. Or you can use both drugs and psychotherapy.

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