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Pre-Operative Fasting

A prescribed period of time before a procedure when clients are not allowed the oral intake of liquids or solids

Aim is to prevent pulmonary aspiration during anesthesia and prevent post operative pulmonary complications.

Fasting Guideline Time /hrs
Clear Liquids 2
Breast Milk4
Infant Formula Milk4-6
Liquids Containing pulps and particles4-6
Non Human Milk6
Light Meal6
Heavy Meal (Contain fat and meat)8


Liquids Containing pulp – Fruit juices
Liquids Containing particles – Coffee

Light meal is usually a meal containing carbohydrates (could contain certain amount of fat and/or protein.
Heavy Meal is usually heavy fat and protein containing meals.

You should avoid of above foods and fast minimum of hours as above before the surgery.

All the above values are for healthy individuals. If you have any medical condition these values might be not valid for you. In such conditions always follow the instruction of your anesthetist.

In Sri Lanka mostly we restrict all the type of oral intakes nearly for 10 hours before the surgery for their own well being.

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